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WIE bother?

As well as the new number and new logo, there’s something else about Internet Explorer that is new: the name. It’s now Windows Internet Explorer.
I’m not entirely sure the name change was necessary. You can now only get Internet Explorer for Windows – the Mac and Unix versions have been discontinued. Its similarity to Windows Explorer may confuse people. It’s also longer.
Paul Thurrott reckons it was to highlight the fact that the browser is integrated with Windows and is not a standalone product. But possibly the biggest reason why this probably isn’t the best name change is the acronym that the name now creates: WIE. Sounds like ‘why’ and rhymes with ‘die’ and ‘bye’. Not a great choice, really.


  1. I hope it does die and we can all say bye to wie…

  2. WIE on Earth?

    The new Internet Explorer version, as featured yesterday, has a new name, and new logo.
    The browser formerly known as ‘Microsoft Internet Explorer’ will now be called ‘Windows Internet Explorer’. Paul Thurrot believes this …

  3. WIE get it when you can download Firefox?