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Movable Type on OS X

I followed this guide yesterday to get a local copy of Movable Type running on my Mac. I’m looking into developing some of my template hacks into plugins so I need a test environment, and it lets me do development at home since we’re still without internet.
The guide is pretty thorough and I did get it working, but here’s a few pointers that might help you:

  • If you type ‘make’ in the terminal and get a bad command error, it’s because you haven’t installed Xcode. On my Mac the installer was in /Applications/Installers, but it may be on your Tiger CD. Be aware that XCode takes up 1.5GB of space.
  • The DBD and DBI::mysql modules have been updated since the article was written. Bear this in mind when typing in commands as the version numbers will be different.
  • You don’t need to run mt-load.cgi in Movable Type 3.2 – just run mt.cgi and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If your machine isn’t connected to the internet (like mine), add the line NewsboxURL none to the end of your mt.cfg or mt-config.cgi file; otherwise, in MT3.0D and above, the Main Menu (and System Overview in 3.2) will take an age to load while MT tries to unsuccessfully contact Six Apart’s server to update the news box.

Despite this, it is pretty easy to install MT on OS X, mainly because it includes Apache, Perl and SQLite out of the box.


  1. Neil, why did you buy a Mac? They’ve just (really) got OS X running on an x86!
    I hope you don’t run you Mac mini as a server as that might be pushing it a little….

  2. Sure, they have. But all the copies that are running on non-Apple x86s are all illegally downloaded, and it’s not exactly straightforward to get it running.
    I could have waited a year and got a proper x86 Mac but I can’t wait that long. I needed a new computer now, and so it might as well have been a Mac. It wasn’t much more than an equivalent PC.

  3. Neil, Sorry to be off-topic here, but did you know that for the last week or so, Bloglines is showing links within your posts as squished between the words on either side of said links? That is, the before and after spaces are gone. I read a lot of blogs, and yours is the only one I see doing this.