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Someone forwarded me this meme via email, so instead of mailing it back I’m posting it here.

When was the last time you…

…ate a takeaway meal?
I had a Subway 6″ for lunch today, and a double chicken burger from the local takeaway last night. That said I do try to cook for myself…
…got drunk?
Friday night. It was the first time for a couple of weeks, though.
…ate meat?
…ate in a restaurant?
Tuesday, with work colleagues. Had a very nice curry.
…ate at McDonalds?
Not recently enough for me to remember. Did eat at Burger King a couple of weeks ago though.
…watched a movie?
Last night – went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Tim Burton one). Was very impressed – the visuals were superb and Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka really rather well.
…rented a video/DVD?
Not in many, many years. Might do again now that NetFlix-esque services are launching here in Britain.
…gave money to charity?
Can’t remember exactly. The last big donation I made was to the British Red Cross in January as part of their Tsunami relief fund, but I’ve donated either smaller amounts of money or my time to a number of organisations since.
…spent a lot of money?
When I bought my Mac Mini.
…wore clean underwear?
This morning. I always wear clean underwear every day.
…bought some new clothes?
Not recently, though I did get some new clothes for my birthday in May. Probably the last thing I bought was a Unite Against Facism T-shirt in early May.
…read a book?
I read Developing Feeds with RSS & Atom and Hacking Movable Type while waiting for my Mac to be delivered. Both worth buying if you’re into feeds or blogging with MT.
…read a newspaper?
I read the Observer today, hence the abundance of Observer articles appearing in my sideblog.
…went skinny-dipping?
…went bungee-jumping?
Again, never.
…went to another country?
If Scotland counts, then last month, but otherwise the last time I went abroad was to France in 2003. Next planned trip is probably Ireland in November.
…lied to someone?
A white lie earlier in the week.
…betrayed a friend?
A few months back. I don’t know if that person knows yet. Or if she even cares.
…snogged someone of the opposite sex?
A while ago.
…snogged someone of the same sex?
Never. I don’t really swing that way.
…met a celebrity?
If Ben Hammersley accounts, then him at Open Tech. If not, then the late, great Richard Whiteley back in November. On a train, of all places.
…smoked a cigarette?
Never. Smoking isn’t particularly compatible with my asthma.
…took drugs?
…went to the library?
I’m in one now.
…stole something?
Friday night. Wasn’t my idea.
…played Solitaire?
…watched TV?
…made a difficult decision you didn’t regret?
See the betraying a friend question.

Now add your own question and answer it:

…been genuinely scared?
I was walking home late at night on my own and a gang of youths starting shouting racist abuse at me. I was worried they were going to come after me and beat me up.


  1. I can’t imagine the new Willy Wonka film to be as good as the old one, a classic. And how can Johnny Depp play an old man?

  2. I heard his portrayal was ‘souless’.

  3. I thought it was great, if a little bit Michael Jackson.

  4. There must be a story behind the betrayal thing, so tell us!