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Irish Geek Dinner

Robert Scoble and Hugh McLeod are having a Geek Dinner in Cork, Ireland on the 30th November – here’s the Wiki. There’s only 9 people signed up at the moment, but I’m wondering about going myself. Ryanair have some stupidly cheap flights to Cork from Stanstead around that time and it would be nice to go to Ireland since I’ve never been before. I’d also get the chance to Dave for the first time and hopefully get to chat to Robert and Hugh again.


  1. A true geek would never go to a dinner – as he’d have to leave his PC/Mac/othe strange device.

  2. Unfortunately the blogging community in Ireland isn’t nearly as big as in the UK so I can’t see 200 coming like they did in London! If you are coming though it’d be worth looking at EasyJet too because they are in a price war with Ryanair at the moment on the Cork->London route so things are cheap.

  3. This could be a distinct possibility. What goes on at these geek dinners?