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If CEO’s torture comments weren’t enough to put you off doing business with GoDaddy, then maybe the story at FauxDaddy will. The author of the site claims that GoDaddy’s DomainsByProxy service (which allows you to register domains without your details appearing in the WHOIS record) revealed his WHOIS information without asking or even telling him after a law firm contacted them.

He’s collecting donations for a lawsuit against GoDaddy/DomainsByProxy. Considering that it appears they have broken their own terms of service he’s probably got a case.

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  1. Both are intriguing stories. I still haven’t completely taken in the ramifications of Bob Parson’s post/opinions. What I did note that he had a stock answer which he appeared to be cut & pasting:
    “The Blog is not part of Go Daddy, it’s my personal Blog, and it contains my personal opinions.
    The company itself has no political leanings.
    “I do not advocate the use of torture. You saying that I support torture connotes much more than what I talked about in my article. I personally don’t believe that mild interrogation techniques like sleep deprivation or playing rap music qualifies as torture.
    Appreciate your post.