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Problems at Bulldog

According to The Register, it’s possible that Bulldog will be facing an Ofcom investigation by the end of the month. It has had 130 complaints passed onto it by customers dissatisfied with its level of service, or lack thereof.
The article also quotes some figures from “insiders” which are somewhat shocking. Around 20 000 customer orders are still awaiting processing – a lot considering their subscriber base is only 65 000 – and that they are receiving around 10 000 calls a day with half not actually getting through.
As you can gather we’re still without broadband, but I’m starting to think it’s not entirely Bulldog’s fault. We recently lost the ability to dial out on our phone line, with all calls being redirected to BT. It turns out that the housemate who is on holiday is responsible for the BT bill but hasn’t paid it recently and so BT have started to take sanctions. If the payment isn’t received soon the line will be cut-off altogether, so having ADSL would be out of the question. However, none of us know when said housemate is back, and unfortunately we can’t pay the bill or have the account details changed.


  1. How about 3G or getting a second phone line?

  2. 3G? Sure, if someone else wants to pay the bill…
    Ideally this will be a temporary situation that’ll be sorted in a couple of weeks.

  3. I guess – the thing you really don’t want to do is run on a GPRS connection – ouch and expensive. Any WiFi points without encryption you’ve sniffed? How about this for your Mac Mini (does it have WiFi)?

  4. No Wifi in the area, other than our own router. GPRS might be an option though, it’s free on my tariff this month 🙂 . Thanks for reminding me.
    (Sure, GPRS is slow but it’s better than nothing 🙂 )