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Mystical Machine Gun

Over at Bayosphere, Dan Gillmor links to a congressional report into voting in Ohio. It alleges some serious allegations of gaming by Republican officials during the November 2004 elections, especially with the electronic voting machines that were used. Ohio, if you remember, was one of the states that was decisive in George W. Bush’s win last year.
And yet, the media has almost totally ignored the story. As Dan says:

I’m not saying here that John Kerry actually won Ohio or the national election. I am saying that there’s an enormous amount of smoke, which has gone too-little noticed by the media. I expect public officials to ignore such things, but I still expect the press to care more. Is that naive in these times?

You’d expect this to be all over the American press as some kind of scandal. But it isn’t.
I don’t normally put my feet into US politics, mainly because every time I get hate mail from single-minded Conservative Bush-whackers telling me not to meddle with the politics of their country. But this just struck me as weird.
And yet people claim the American media has a liberal bias.


  1. Actually, many of us think that the American media has a conservative or establishment bias.
    Ohio was fraught with errors. So was the more liberal Washington state (where I live). In our state, the governor’s race was decided by a few hundred votes. During the third (yes, third) counting of the ballots, errors were exposed in all counties, but particularly in King County (arguably the most liberal one here).
    I’m very much to the left of most of the U.S. when it comes to my political views. The errors exposed in several places throughout the country lead me to believe that we have a culture in our electoral process that views fraud as part and parcel with the process and that this applies to both Republicans and Democrats. Sucha culture offends my sense of fairness and sours me on the lot of them.
    Thanks for posting this. More people need to read up about it.

  2. I’m guessing that the people that are telling you that the media has a liberal bias are conservatives. Sheesh! All you have to do is check out Fox News and that goes right out the window.
    What is more likely happening with the media is that they want to keep their jobs. Media is still a corporation, and big corporations love the republican side of the fence. The tax breaks they get is just one of the many reasons.
    Also, it’s just possible that they don’t see much point in bringing it up since the bringing it to light won’t change the outcome of the election at all.

  3. I read somewhere that different US TV stations are very different politically, just like our newspapers.
    Fox is republican and CNN favours democrats – as for NBC who knows/cares – If I’m not mistaken Fox is the reason Bush got presidency in the first place (announcing he won, when we all know he didn’t)