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Oh cripes, tomorrow is the start of the Blogathon. I previously said I’d consider taking part, but being largely internet-less and also away at a family do tomorrow means I won’t be able to get involved this year.
Of the blogs I read regularly, ***Dave Does The Blog is the only one doing the Blogathon, so go and sponsor him.


  1. I’m not taking part in the Blogathon, as I’ll get far too tired and out of ideas.

  2. I considered taking part, but I’ll be away tomorrow. With no internet access. Perhaps next time.

  3. I was deliberating entering Movalog into the Blogathon, I’m so happy Elise talked me out of it, I can’t imagine the amount of stress I would’ve been under having to prepare a blog tip/hack/tutorial for every 30 mins of a day!