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The Atom 1.0 Migration Plan

I’m pleased to announce the first stage of my plan to migrate all the feeds on this site to Atom 1.0. Here are my reasons:

  1. Offering the same content in several formats is confusing. For a while now I’ve stuck to just RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3, these will now be replaced with just Atom 1.0. Users therefore won’t have to know the difference – they’ll just see a ‘web feed’ and be able to subscribe to it.
  2. In its Windows RSS Publishers Guide, Microsoft encourages feed publishers to Pick your favorite format, and just support that. So I am. Although the current beta releases of IE7 and Windows Vista do not support Atom, support is coming in the next round of betas.
  3. Atom is a standard that will be approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force, whereas RSS has not been formally standardised.

This first stage consists of:

  1. Upgrading the Atom feeds to 1.0 (the main feed has already been upgraded)
  2. Removing references to the RSS feeds on the site, so that all new subscribers will be using Atom
  3. Migrating Bloglines users, who are the biggest proportion of subscribers, to the Atom feed, since Bloglines mostly supports Atom 1.0 with no problems

Therefore, if you’re reading one of my main feeds in Bloglines, you should soon all be reading the Atom feed and not the RSS feed – I’ve used .htaccess rules to ensure that the Bloglines Bot is always redirected to it.
At the moment, I’m leaving the Feedburner feed as is, but there will be fewer links to it in future.


  1. Feedburner already includes Atom 1 doesn’t it?
    Interested to see why you are not promoting them as much now?
    Also did you get my comment about the adsense feeds? Doesn’t seem to have made it onto the site for some reason.

  2. Atom 1.0 ready

    Encouraged by Neil’s decision to update his Atom 0.3 feeds to Atom 1.0 – although still a draft format – I too did so tonight. After quickly comparing the draft memo with Neil’s feed and my old atom-script I managed to get it to validate on the second …

  3. Just so you know Neil, after you did this post or before I’m not sure, Bloglines stopped updating your site, I thought you’d gone on on holidays or something!