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You are the bullet points’ bitch


  • I’ve now had an unconditional offer from the university for the MSc course, so I’ll be starting lectures again on the 26th September – exactly 8 weeks today.
  • Went go-karting yesterday – or rather, watched my friends go go-karting as I was rather hungover and had a dodgy stomach from being out the previous night. Here are the photos.
  • Talking of which, we went out to Fibbers in York, which is under the hideously-ugly Stonebow building. For the purpose of any Bradfordians, it’s quite a bit like Rios, except smaller, slightly classier and able to attract more well-known bands; Kasabian played there recently and they’ve had Feeder and Graham Coxon in recent years. One of the bands playing soon is called Spasticated Razor Masturbator. Nice.
  • Still no news from Bulldog and it’s been nearly two weeks since their previous email, which said they’d be in touch “shortly”. Hmmm.
  • Work is going okay. I’m carrying on as normal this week, then from next week we start building up for Clearing which kicks off on the 18th August.
  • Steve, a regular commenter here and blogger at, has got a new URL. He hasn’t got redirects working so if you were wondering why his feed has been quiet, now you know.
  • Dave is getting ready to trash his RSS feed and just offer an Atom 1.0 feed now that Atom is a formal standard. I’m seriously considering this too, although I want to wait for slightly wider aggregator support first. Firefox and Thunderbird won’t properly support it until 1.5 and NetNewsWire has only recently adopted it fully. That said, I do think that Movable Type 3.2 dropping Atom 0.3 in favour of 1.0 for new blogs is a good idea.
  • Listening to The Now Show on headphones in public is not a good idea. People will wonder why you keep sniggering.


  1. Ah, thanks for that Neil 🙂
    Trying to get my domain a little bit more organized, so I figured it was logical to have my blog as a subdomain.
    Just gotta get all those redirects sorted; my stats are full of 404’s :/

  2. IE7 doesn’t support Atom either – and I suspect that despite Microsoft’s talk about Vista having lots of RSS-type stuff, it won’t support Atom either. Hopefully both will by the final releases, otherwise it’s a real blow to the Atom standard.

  3. Thanks Neil, I enjoyed Punt&Dennis all those years ago…..
    Using (a newly installed streamripper) I’ve converted it to mp3 to put on my zen.

  4. Hi Neil,
    Just explaining why I haven’t commented, I’ve been on holiday. I’ll be posting the images.