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A head hitting table moment

When I went to the London Summer Graduate Fair back in June I signed up to a couple of graduate job websites, on the off chance that either some brilliant job would come up or that I didn’t manage to get onto the master course. Since then, graduate jobs have been trickling into my inbox, which is all well and good but they’ve all been very general because I never had chance to upload my CV or give any specifics.
One of them,, sends me lots of emails, however I haven’t been able to log in because it was saying my email address didn’t exist in the database. I was about to write a snotty posting on here about how I couldn’t stop the emails blah blah blah but then it occurred to me to check the message headers just to make sure I was actually typing in the right email address. Turns out I’d signed up with one of the shorter forms of my university email address – we can use and interchangeably – and I’d been expecting the longer form. Once I used the shorter one, I was in, and have been able to upload a CV and edit my general preferences.
That said, I’m still a little cheesed off that its form doesn’t accept AS levels, only full A levels. It means employers will think I only had 200 points and not the 250 I achieved – crucial, because many stripulate a minimum of 240 points in addition to a degree (240 being the equivalent of 3 Cs at A level). Admittedly I’m among the first lot of graduates to have been through Curriculum 2000 and therefore the first to be graduates with AS levels, but still…

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