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Good customer service experience

Over the years I have bought a number of things from CD WOW, and they’ve always been delivered within their quoted timescale (5-7 working days) without fail. It’s their consistently good service and low prices that keep me coming back.
But now they’ve set a new record: a CD I ordered shortly before 10pm on Monday arrived this morning. And this is despite the fact that they are based in Hong Kong and me in the UK – i.e. pretty much the other side of the world.


  1. I have found that CDWOW is cheap and has pretty spectacular service but I usually go for the even cheaper 101 CD. 101CD has quite erratic delivery times (some times up to a month, if the CD was on offer) but most of the time it is comparable with CD Wow.

  2. Actually a case brought by the BPI against CD Wow last year means that all the CDs/DVDs they sell in the UK and Ireland have to be sourced withing Europe. This initially caused CD Wow to add a couple of quid to all their prices, but they soon managed to cut overheads in various places to allow them to sell for their original lower prices.
    So your CD probably didn’t travel all the way from Hong Kong!

  3. Well, the postage paid sticker on the box said ‘Hong Kong’ 🙂 . I think they source them here but their warehouse is in Hong Kong to avoid paying VAT or something. and Tesco Jersey do the same with their operations in the Channel Islands.

  4. Doh, I’d have known that if I’d bothered to look at packaging of the DVD I bought from them only the other day!
    Wow [no pun intended ;)], I wouldn’t have thought they sourced them here them shipped them to HK before sending them all the way back again, but perhaps, somehow, it’s more cost effective to do that. 🙂

  5. I ordered something from another online store for a friend’s birthday this week at 10pm Wednesday, and it came at 7:30am this morning. Not from abroad, but from a tiny tiny store, which I was very impressed with!

  6. I’ve had CDWOW stuff coming from Sweden also, infact one order came from Sweden and Hong Kong and arrived the same day, pretty sweet…

  7. Well, once they get them in the mail it seems fast, but they still can’t tell you if something’s in stock until after you order it. At which point they guess at an optimistic despatch date and then revise that maybe a week later…
    Nice and cheap though 🙂