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Blue in the tooth

Axim with Keyboard

Filed well and truly under the ‘things-that-would-have-been-useful-on-Saturday” department, the university have now given me a fold-out Bluetooth mini-keyboard to play with. It’s for use with the PDA that I’m also (still) borrowing from them, and it does make writing much easier than tapping letters on the screen or using its handwriting recognition. If I’d had this on Saturday composing these two entries would have taken much less time.

My only complaint so far is that it’s a little flimsy and I’m worried about breaking it, but it does fold down into a very small package and would be useful for note-taking in lectures, for example. Which is the intention.


  1. The most annoying thing in lecture theatres was when people would sit having their own conversations while the lecture was going on.
    The second most annoying was the constant rat-a-tat-tat as a number of people typed away in their laptops busily taking notes.
    So please tell me that thing has soft keys 😛

  2. I have that same keyboard and I use it with my Smartphone. It’s GREAT when traveling. Haven’t had any problems with it.