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Time and Tiny go under

They lasted a lot longer than several manufacturers, but the parent company of Time and Tiny Computers has gone into administration. It is looking likely that many people who have ordered computers from Time and Tiny now won’t get the products they paid for. I just hope that many of them paid by credit card – UK consumer credit legislation makes credit card issuers jointly liable for purchases over £100 that fall through or that turn out to be faulty or unsatisfactory (or something to that effect, IANAL), hence the reason I ordered a credit card prior to ordering my Mac Mini. Of course, my experience with Apple has been much better but I’d rather not take the risk.
I always avoided Time machines because I didn’t think they were built well and I know several people who have bought them and then had major problems just after the end of the warranty period. Their recent tactic of bundling software dial-up modems that were tied to their own ISP’s phone number (meaning you couldn’t use it with another ISP) did nothing to raise my confidence with them.


  1. Personally, I’ve had no complaints with them. My Tiny PC is five and a half years old and still (kind of) going strong in that I can use it for most things (altough IE went belly up a while back, but that’s no great loss as I’ve been on Mozilla for a while).
    I’ve now started using a Time PC instead, and that too has caused no problems in the last 2 and a half years. But then I’m only one from a collection of consumers I guess.

  2. My first PC was a tiny pc, and it went strong for about 5 years too, eventually I salvaged various bits from it when I built my own replacement. As a matter of fact, I still have the DVD drive that came with the original tiny, why you ask? Simple, it’s circa 1998, so it’s region free which made movie watching on my pc a pleasure

  3. To be perfectly honest… good riddance! Two of my friends both bought Time PCs around 7 years ago even though I strongly advised them not to. I guess it was the cheap, cheerful and apparently brimming bundles you got that made them buy them, but, yip, they found that they were pretty much a big pile of steaming cack after having to re-image the machines and take them back several times in a matter of weeks. Build quality was extremely cheap and shoddy too.
    I just hope that the employees find better jobs at better computer manufacturers (which is pretty much everyone else) soon.

  4. I worked in computer repair for a few years, and grew to dislike Time and Tiny. The dubious adverts used to bother me: Microsoft Office would be advertised, with small print saying it’s a 90-day trial. Or there’d be ‘Amazingly fast machines for the latest games’ with extremely fast processors and dire graphics cards. The machines themselves generally had low-end hardware, and wouldn’t last much longer than warranty. Say what you want about Dell having the buying power, but their machines keep going for *years*.

  5. Had more time / tiny machines in to fix than any other when I worked in PC repair.
    Poor product, overpriced and sold via the usual pressure chains – not surprising they went!

  6. Think I’ve been lucky…for a change.

  7. I have repaired numerous Tiny and Time pc’s for friends who had had the misfortune to be sucked in by these rip off merchants. I am chuffed that these grease balls have gone under and am only sorry for the people who have lost money as a result!
    This should be taken as a lesson by other companies that are sailing close to the wind.
    P*** off your customers and you will pay the penalty!