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Just got this email from Apple:

Today Apple announced a new Mac Mini. Accordingly, we are pleased to revise your recent order by substituting the original product you ordered with the new Mac Mini at no extra cost to you. The new configuration either matches or exceeds that of the original product. In fact, depending on the configuration you ordered, you may be entitled to a partial refund. If you are paying by Credit Card, Loan, or Leasing, the price will be adjusted automatically.

The new Mac Mini is basically the same as the old one but includes 512MB of RAM as standard instead of 256MB, and the 1.42GHz model includes Aiport Extreme and Bluetooth as standard. I’d gone for all these options which means that Apple should hopefully be refunding me £46 very soon.


  1. Hmmm… can you turn the £46 into a memory upgrade so you have 1 gig in the box? It would be money well spent, as OS X is much sweeter with the extra memory (I have no idea how it can even run in 256 megs!).

  2. Going from 512MB to 1GB would cost over £100 extra, which is a lot of money for what it is and would push me over my credit limit 🙁 .

  3. The ludicrous amounts Apple charge for tiny upgrades like memory or Bluetooth is one reason I’ve yet to buy a Mac Mini despite wanting one oh-so-badly. Saying that, they charge lots for everything really.
    Surely you could crack the Mini open and perform the upgrade yourself? Unless of course it’s silly proprietary memory, which, knowing Apple, it probably is.