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Old dogs/New tricks

Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks: despite having played Solitaire for, oooh, about 10 years now, I never knew that you could automatically send up cards by right-clicking them. Solitaire games suddenly got so much faster.
In fact, I’d dread to think how much time I could have saved if I’d known this right from the start. Probably several hours at least…


  1. I wouldn’t feel bad; I actually found this out just last week myself. Solitaire Help says you can also use Ctrl+A.

  2. Possibly, I daren’t say it, but possibly, even days!

  3. Hey I did not know that either, I always double clicked them. Thanks for the tip, my solitaire time will be decreased also!

  4. Oh, so it does. I’ve always used double click, but it’ll sure make finishing up quicker!!! (as well as saving my left-mouse-button).

  5. Neil,
    b3ta has a good interview with Wes Cherry, the bloke that wrote the game for Microsoft. An important part of computing history 😛

  6. That doesn’t work on my Win98 version. :-/

  7. Hey, didn’t know that either.
    If only the iPod’s solitaire game had something similar- I’ve spent so much time towards the end of each game moving all the cards to the top of the table.

  8. I had no idea either. Thanks man.
    Not that I play a lot of solitaire these days, but still.

  9. Totally OT: I notice you have Google ads. How much do you make off them, and how many visitors do you have here roughly? I just added AdSense to my blog and I’m sort of wondering what kind of outcome I can expect.

  10. And on the subject of google ads, I see you can train your dog to do tricks…

  11. It’s amazing what a degree can do for you when using computers isn’t it.
    You can do a similar thing on your handheld too.
    (BTW, I visited Bradford last wednesday, and hardly recognised the place)

  12. When playing a three card draw you can cheat by pressing ctr/alt/shift at the same time then click the deck (finger cramps!) and it will give you one card at a time! So you do not have to pull your hair out over burried cards.