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You shall succumb to the bullet points

  • Been a generally normal day at work today, except…
  • There was a bomb scare, apparently. I say apparently because I was in the affected building and knew nothing about it until after the event.
  • I’m currently in the library downloading stuff for my new flash drive – currently I’ve got Portable Firefox and Thunderbird, plus the installers for Firefox 1.0.6 and Thunderbird 1.0.6; Spybot S&D (and the latest Includes installer), Ad-Aware, Microsoft AntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster; McAfee Stinger, the university licensed copy of VirusScan Enterprise 8 and the latest SuperDAT engine. Should be useful for fixing broken computers and with it being larger than my previous drive it’ll mean I have more space for me-stuff.
  • I might also try Konfabulator now that it’s owned by Yahoo and free, but then I’ll also be getting a Mac in a few days with Dashboard.
  • Windows Vista isn’t the best name ever but I’m having difficulty thinking of anything better, and they could have chosen something much worse. Like Windows Poo, or something.
  • I finally got around to testing out the DivX support on my Skyworth DVD player last night, and a downloaded copy of a well-known adult-orientated American animated comedy series that I had burnt to CD-R played back fine. It also supports Kodak Picture CDs but I’ve not tried one of those yet. Not bad for the £30 that I paid for it back in December.
  • On a related note, someone leaked the forthcoming Family Guy movie “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story” onto Usenet a whole 2 months prior to its release. It’s now available from various BitTorrent trackers, either as a DVD-quality ISO or an XVid AVI. [via Waxy’s Links]
  • Compressing the Microsoft AntiSpyware setup file again using 7-Zip and saving it as a SFX archive makes it 13% smaller and shaves off 869KB. That’s probably why an increasing number of installer packages like Inno Setup and NSIS use 7-Zip’s LZMA compression.


  1. I bought Konfabulator when it first came out and loved it… except that the program is sucking resources constantly. Dashboard, by comparison, seems to shut down all of its widgets when the layer is not visible. This seemed a more logical use of system resources, so I switched to Dashboard for all my widget needs. The only down-side is that there is a slight lag for the widgets to start back up when Dashboard is activated.

  2. Windows Poo. Now that’s innovation for you. I feel somewhat guilty in the fact that I’m downloading the Family Guy movie… but never mind, because I’ll buy the DVD anyway. On a more serious topic, what was this bomb scare? Is there any more details about it, or was it just a false alarm… or more disturbingly, a hoax?

  3. You do realise that you’ll have to post the full list of what you have on your pen drive… it’s the done thing ya know.
    (must update mine whilst I remember)

  4. In Latvian Vista means chicken or more precisely – hen. 🙂

  5. Thanks for recommending Konfabulator – I now have 3 of my favourite comics on my desktop every morning. Sweeeet! 😀