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A British EFF?

One of the sessions I missed at Open Tech (since Ben promised me a beer if I went to his concurrent session) was one about creating a British version of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an American organisation that lobbies for civil rights with regards to technology. They have done some excellent work over the years, but as yet there is no British equivalent.

There is now a pledge over at PledgeBank that says I will create a standing order of 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UK but only if 1000 other people will too. At time of writing, 146 people have signed up, which is good for a 2-day-old pledge but still 844 short of the 1000 needed. If you’re a Brit who values digital freedoms and is willing to give around £60 per year to ensure those freedoms remain, then I’d urge you to get involved. You’ll be in good company; the likes of Cory Doctorow, Simon Willison, Ben Hammersley, Yoz Grahame and Bobbie Johnson amongst others have already signed the pledge.

Update: Today’s Guardian Online has a piece by Danny O’Brien on the importance of such an organisation. The pledge has now been signed by nearly 500 people – almost halfway there 🙂 .

Since this post was written in 2005, the Open Right Group was successfully formed, to which I contribute a regular monthly donation.

One Comment

  1. Of course, signing a pledge and actually paying it are two different things 🙂
    Saying that, I would like to see a British version of the EFF.