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Mac on Friday

The latest update to my Mac Mini’s order status suggests it will be ready by Friday, so hopefully delivery will be either then or the beginning of next week. I don’t yet know if it’ll be one of the “new” models or a standard one, but seeing as it has taken some time for it to be ready I’m hoping it’s the latter (I ordered it 9 days ago). We’ll see, anyway.
This week is somewhat less interesting than last week was, though I am going home to York this weekend for a friend’s 21st birthday.
Update: As you may have guessed, it didn’t come on Friday. Apple’s current estimate is on or before next Tuesday (9th August). I’m guessing the launch of the new model is the cause of the delay, but considering that it’s going to be considerably cheaper and that I still have no proper internet at home I’m not too bothered about the wait.

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