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Heading down to London

I’m now on my way to London for Open Tech 2005. It’s been an early start – up at 6am to catch a 7:35am train.
The train is one of the direct Bradford to London services that GNER run early in the morning, and it has on-board Wifi so that I can periodically check emails. And blog, obviously.
Because of recent events I decided not to take my laptop, since it would mean taking a big rucksack on the tube. Lately Transport for London have had problems with young men with big rucksacks so I thought it was best not to bother. So instead I’m using my PDA and blogging using Pocket SharpMT
. It means that writing entries takes quite a bit longer and web browsing is a little more difficult but then apparently the on-train wifi isn’t up to a lot anyway.
To give you some idea about how slow it is to write on this, I started this entry as we passed through Frizinghall station and we’re now at Leeds. And that included a stop at Shipley. It is helped a bit by the predictive writing feature, but as I’ve not used it a lot its vocabulary is quite small.
Anyway, I’m rambling. I shall update you later on.
Update: For some reason I couldn’t get SharpMT to post so this is coming via normal MT. Unfortunately the MT admin interface doesn’t work so well on small screens so it’s not quite so straight-forward to use. Progress report: just passed through South Emsall after stopping at Wakefield.
9:50am Not far from Stevenage now. The GNER wifi start page has a map showing the train’s current location, which is nice. Typing on the on-screen keyboard is really starting to get annoying now; because the ride is a bit bumpy I keep hitting the wrong letters. I also keep hitting the Home button instead of the spacebar and so I’ve had to write this again.
Due into King’s Cross in a little under half an hour.


  1. You could always try the handwriting/graffiti type of thing – that makes it easier than trying to use the tiny keyboard. The hard bit is getting certain characters to work in the graffiti mode.

  2. I decided not to take my laptop to OpenTech on Sunday for the same reason. It’s a bit nasty thinking like that.