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Driven insane

Gah. Windows 98 and its criminal lack of built-in drivers is really starting to annoy me. If anyone can find a Windows 98 driver for a 128MB red shiny Lenovo USB flash drive I’d be very grateful.
I’ve also heard of an unofficial generic mass storage device for Windows 98 that works with most brands – anyone tried it and got it to work? And does anyone have the URL for it?


  1. I heard of the ‘universal’ usb driver in LangaList, but of course it was in the bloody payed edition. Googling brings up jack, too.

  2. The unofficial generic USB flash drive driver for Windows 98 SE can be downloaded from this website.
    I haven’t tried it myself as I have Windows XP on my PC at home.

  3. Sorry bro… If your stickin’ to x86 (ie, not Apple,) you are really better off using either Linux or WinXP. ’98 is like drivin’ a ’57 Chevy as yer daily ride.

  4. LOL!
    I just read your colophone!
    I guess I said Nothing you don’t already know! {sigh}
    Good luck with that drive Neil.