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Great. Two days before I decide to head to London some idiots try to blow up the tube, again. I’m still intending to go to Open Tech 2005 but will leave the final decision until either tomorrow or early Saturday morning. I really don’t want to let a collection of mindless pillocks with detonators dictate what I want to do with my time.
(If like me you’ll be going to OT05 from King’s Cross, I think the best route is to take a northbound Northern Line train to Euston, then a southbound to Embankment and then pick up the District Line; at time of writing this was possible)
Anyway, graduation yesterday was excellent, bar the boring and overlong speeches. I’ll put some more photos up in due course. Still no internet at home but Bulldog have replied to my email and said that there is a “particular problem” with my order and they “will be in touch shortly”. They also “apologise in advance for this delay”.


  1. It briefly crossed my mind to drive up to Open Tech on Saturday – for convenience really. No idea what parking/traffic is like on a Sat, still absurdly busy I guess.
    You’re right though. Mindless pillocks with detonators can’t be allowed to decide how we organise our lives! I’ll probably end up doing train and tube anyway.
    Bulldog certainly haven’t been performing well lately by all accounts. Maybe you should pull together your experiences ready to send it to trading organisations? It sounds like Bulldog have seriously failed to uphold their part of the deal/contract so they could at least offer some months’ free rent or something to affected customers, as a gesture of goodwill.
    In the meantime, if you’re in a student area, any “free” wifi connections you can hook up to? 😛

  2. Don’t let them stop you. They are trying to scare people from doing what they want to do.

  3. Again?

    My heart sank when I got the phone call from my Mother to say that there were problems on the London Underground. Another attack? surely not, but apparently so.

  4. Here in Britain, we seem to now be living in an episode of 24 at the moment, just getting stranger and stranger.