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Crazy Hits

Crazy Frog presents Crazy Hits! Something terrible has happened.
The terribly inconsiderate people behind Crazy Frog have decided to build on the success of the Axel F single (recent number 1 in the UK) and release a full 16 track album of Crazy Frog songs. It’s out on Monday.
Someone kill me now.


  1. Life is no longer worth living!

  2. Yeah, do these people even start to realize how many paperrounds i have to do before i got enough money to buy that album?! And geez, my head spins just thinking of the spin-off possibilities…

  3. You’ve got to be kidding.

  4. Have you never heard of empowerment?

  5. ^_^ It’s ok…. You will live… Just think of how he treats his fans. GO pick-up a Black Sabbat CD. And get your headphones on.