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Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 2

If you don’t mind being on the bleeding edge, you may like to try Mozilla Thunderbird Alpha 2. Alpha 1 introduced inline spellchecking, phishing protection, being able to remove attachments from emails, podcasting support, a new options dialog, access to the advanced configuration editor (aka about:config) and redesigned SMTP options, amongst other improvements.
Alpha 2 adds to the mix even more:

  • You can now create email filters that automatically forward or reply to emails, so autoresponders are now possible
  • The junk mail controls now respect server-side junk mail protection like SpamAssassin
  • RSS subscriptions can be exported as OPML
  • Better handling of .eml files – so that when you save an email and have Thunderbird as the default mail application, the email will open in Thunderbird and not Outlook Express. This annoyed me yesterday so I’m glad it’s fixed.
  • Automatically delete email if it’s beyond a certain age. So far only been possible with junk and trash mail.

Alpha 1, despite being an alpha, was actually pretty stable (and the same can be said for Deer Park Alphas 1 and 2 as well). If you want to check out the cool new features, give it a whirl.
Still, I wish they would redesign the Account Settings dialog… 🙂
Update: On a related note, it looks like Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0.6 releases could be on the way due to bugs in 1.0.5 which broke the APIs used by some extensions.


  1. It has been awhile since I have ran nightly builds of a Mozilla product, but I am seriously impressed with the Thunderbird 1.1a2. I haven’t run into any showstopping bugs and is quite stable.
    If this is an alpha, I can’t wait to see a beta and final release.

  2. Actually I had problems with DPA1, I’ll download this later.