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Flickr feature request

I wish that Flickr would have a way of mass deleting comments on your photos (or if it does, one that was more obvious). I’ve just had some American right-wing religious nutjob post comments on around 16 posts, accusing us euros of being crack-addicted HIV-positive communists and that we should instead follow the example of America which is by far the most charitable and giving people on the planet.

And here’s his parting comment:

You are eliteist, racist anti-Semites, and you will be codemned to cleaning Porta-potties by the River Styx for all eternity? God Bless America !

You can ban commenters but any comments they have already posted have to be deleted one by one. Incidentally the user has not uploaded any photos and just lists me as his only contact.


  1. Ah. My comments were posting then? Well done! I was afraid that they were being lost after entering them! 🙂
    The only comments I’ve had to delete off my Flickr account were sexually explicit in nature. They were actually quite clever, but “regular” people I know look at my album, and it’s not really the type of thing they need to see.

  2. Madness. I don’t get that many comments so I never have problems like this. lol.