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Although I’ve been posting here more often lately, the posts have all been coming to you via the university and not from home – we still haven’t got broadband. Basically, the problem was that we didn’t have the full details to be able to use Tiscali, with whom the connection was set up with, and since the account holder is currently on holiday (and will be for another couple of weeks) we’ve been unable to use it and their call centre hasn’t exactly been helpful.
So, last Tuesday, I phoned up Bulldog, since their packages seem to be good value and I’d heard of a few people with good experiences of them. And since then I’ve heard nothing. No emails, no phone calls. They say it can take 10 working days for the service to be set up and it’s only been 8, but I’d expect an email with user account details, or a phone call saying when the service will be ready.
I’ve dropped them an email today; hopefully there’ll be some response soon. But when you read articles like this and this you do become concerned. PlusNet may have been more expensive but they never messed me around last year and I may go running back to them if Bulldog don’t get their act together.
Update: I’ve had a response, of sorts. Well, okay, an autoreply saying that my email has been received by our Customer Service team and will be attended to as soon as possible by one of our customer service agents. Still, if it takes 6 hours for an autoresponse to reach me then I’m not too hopeful.
Meanwhile, Bulldog’s parent company Cable & Wireless, is considering a merger with Energis. Apologies for the choice of source, by the way – I don’t normally link to anything by Associated Newspapers.

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  1. A london friend has bulldog, it is now 8mbit there, except that he only gets a tiny fraction of this supposed bandwidth. In fact he doesn’t get much more than i do on my 2mbit cable. Also, they supply his landline and during that first week of heatwave he had zero phoneline and intermittent internet and on top of this couldn’t get through to their customer service dept.
    It’s so annoying when a friend has an unstable connection ‘cos they’re constantly logging in and out of msn. Grrrr, cowboys the lot of them, he was a lot happier on plusnet.