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Bitten by a beta

I’m back to running MT 3.17 after a failed upgrade to MT 3.2 Beta. Although Six Apart do not recommend installing 3.2b over your production blog because it’s, err, a beta, I did anyway. Unfortunately it froze while modifying the database tables to enable 3.2’s new features and so I ended up with a part-upgraded database that made MT throw wobblies (that being the technical term).
Thankfully I’d done a dump of the tables beforehand so I just had to restore them, and then reinstall 3.17 over 3.2. This underlines why making backups is such a good thing, especially when doing silly things like this. I might try 3.2 beta again but I’ll create a separate installation instead of upgrading.
I did, however, file a bug report with Six Apart as hopefully this will be fixed for the final version of 3.2 and so someone else in the same situation as me won’t have to suffer from this.


  1. I installed from 3.16 and it worked like a dream. Seems a number of people are having problems upgrading from 3.17 but I’m sure Sixapart will be right on it.
    Let me know if you want to have a mooch around my install. You won’t cause any problems as I’m giving WordPress a whirl on my main blog atm.

  2. I had a pretty similar experience. I tried upgrading my 3.16 install and after upgrading the DB, I would only get 500 errors, so eventually I had to restore everything from backups. Not sure what happened, but even a clean install I tried ended up with the same trouble. I have yet to file a bug report as I spent so much time trying to get it working. I can’t wait to see everything it offers, hopefully the finished version is a much smoother upgrade.
    But I was pretty impressed by the new DB upgrader.

  3. Is this why a couldn’t comment last night?

  4. When upgrading with the pre-betas I had, if the upgrade process hung, if you re-ran mt-upgrade.cgi, it would pick up from where it left off. Try that.

  5. Although you did have problems upgrading your main blog, at least you tried. Now Six Apart have a new bug report to work through, the whole point of the test! 🙂

  6. That’s the basis that I’m working on :). Otherwise that would be 2 1/2 hours wasted.
    I might try beta 2 next week but I’ll probably do a fresh install on a cloned database instead of upgrading my existing one.
    Joe: Quite possibly.

  7. Using a cloned database is probably a very good idea, then you have live data to play around with and no worries about breaking it! So far all I’ve done with the beta is setup a new install and poked around the new interface.
    I do like the new colourful icons, although I had already added some to mine already.

  8. I had a scary moment with a 500 error because I had forgotten to set all the new .cgi to executable. Once I did that, and signed in, it went off without a hitch.

  9. Not getting a backup of your database is pretty dumb. Luckily you did get one before the upgrade. Good done.

  10. Hee, I break stuff all the time. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed – I’ve transitioned to WordPress, and so I’ve been doing a helluva lot of tinkering lately…which of course results in a lot of breaking things! (I still love MT, but I needed the security of protected posts that WP offers, and MT-Protect wasn’t working for me.)