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Movable Type 3.2 Beta Test

You probably know that Movable Type 3.2 is on its way (especially since I blogged about it earlier). The final release is likely to be a few weeks away, but the good news is that beta test starts tomorrow. The better news is that, unlike previous beta tests, this one is public and not limited to a small set of beta testers picked out at random. This is arguably a good move – in the past, many of the beta testers have been running MT on LAMP servers which has meant it hasn’t had enough testing in other environments and so not all of the bugs have been ironed out in those cases.
Although this is only a point release, from the looks of things this could easily be seen as MT 4.0 because of the range of new features – better comment and trackback administration, trackback moderation built-in, better tools for administrators, a plugin manager that lets you disable unwanted plugins and better documentation. And that’s just what has been announced already.

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