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Good things come to those who wait

It’s taken me almost two weeks but my photos from Edinburgh are finally up. Not all of them are very well annotated or tagged though since I’ve not really had an awful lot of time lately nor been near enough to an internet connection.
I also have photos taken at Diggerland from last Saturday as well as some from central Durham which we popped into on the way back since we had some time and it was a nice day.
A few weekends ago I also went out and took some photos around Little Horton Green, a road in Bradford that seems to have got stuck in an 18th century timewarp. It’s really nice down there, actually.
I’m now only 155 images away from my 1000th photo on Flickr – not bad for less than a year.


  1. Nice photos of Durham… But there is an awful lot more of the Castle than just the Keep and walls – I know, cos I live there during term time (the Castle is University College, Durham). I’ve got some photos of the rest of the Castle and more of Durham…

  2. Don’t worry about the delay – I have some taken over a year ago that I still mean to post (at my own site, not Flickr)!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Diggerland, don’t know why, but I do!