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Link Exchanges

I’m still awaiting the Cpanel update that will fix the Internal Server Error messages that keep popping up, hopefully it’ll be here in the next couple of days. I’m also still waiting for news about our internet connection in Bradford – I’ve not heard anything yet.
In the meantime, Jeremy has a rant about link exchange spam which I’d echo. I do get a fair amount of spam messages asking for link exhange – at least 2-3 a week – and most are for sites not in any way related with this one with a Google PageRank score of 0. The sites themselves tend to be lacking in content – usually stuff stolen from other sites or just links – so I’d rather not associate myself with them.
That doesn’t mean to say I have rejected all requests for link exchanges, just that out of the 50+ I’ve had I’ve only ever agreed to 3.


  1. I really do thank you for the link. I have a PR of 0, but I don’t see how as a search for ‘Webby’ bring 6,500,000 results and I’m 13th.
    A search for DOS Exploits brings up 576k results, and I’m second for an article about a DOS attack by host had the previous night!
    As for Cpanel, I use it, and hardly ever experience problems.

  2. This one really cracks me up. 🙂
    Some people are just not very bright.