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I may have to drop by Newshounds more often. It’s a blog about just how ridiculous some of the items on Fox News, the heavily-biased right-wing loony American TV news channel, are. It’s updated several times a day, showing just how much stupid material Fox is broadcasting.
With the hoo-hah about John Gibson and his claims that Paris deserved the terrorist bomb attacks and not London, I’ve been coming across it more recently. It almost makes me sick to think that it’s possible to get away with broadcasting stuff like this.


  1. Like it. The difference between Fox & CNN is huge, and the difference between CNN & the BBC is too!

  2. There’s always one

    Scoble points to Loic LeMeur:.John Gibson (Fox News) wishes the French would have suffered from the bombings I usually find it helpful to separate a person’s identity from his behaviour. This would guide me to criticise Gibson’s comments rather than…

  3. I think we need a site like that for the UK. We were just wetting ourselves at the rediculous stories the UK newspapers were coming out with regarding the G8 protests.

  4. It’s the ONE Sane Voice on TV

    Liberals: Just go give your country away to the terrorists, socialists, and communists. Get it over quickly, then leave America alone.