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Windows (not) Update (ing)

Microsoft Update is a new variation on Windows Update that also updates Microsoft Office at the same time, meaning that the Automatic Updates system built-in to Windows will download patches for bothe the OS and for Office similtaneously. I’ve installed it on my own laptop and also on a friend’s computer and had no problems.
Unfortunately my parents’ computer didn’t take so kindly. It was fine at first, but then some updates wouldn’t install. Then Microsoft Update itself wouldn’t work – apparently it needed to re-register its libraries, but when it did and restarted it would come up with the same error.
Eventually I fixed it by doing a System Restore back to before I installed anything and this seems to have worked – the ‘old’ Windows Update is now working again. Unfortunately this means that I’ll have to reinstall all of June’s Windows patches again, plus the Office 2003 patches and all the other software I updated at the time. Oh well…


  1. oh good so I’m not the only one. One of my servers just hung there while installing the installer, and another hung while installing one of the patches it had just downloaded. Stoopid machines 🙁

  2. I don’t often use Windows Update, partly because I can’t be bothered.

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