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The morning after

It’s the morning after the day before, and London is already on its way back to normality. The buses and underground are both running again. albeit on a limited service, and many people returned to work today.
As I noted yesterday, the mood is less of sadness and sorrow, but of anger at those responsible, and disbelief at the general futility of it all. It’s obviously been a major talking point here of late, and most of those I have spoken too are more peeved about it than anything else – plans for the weekend disrupted, unwanted changes to TV schedules and so on. Many also feel that the terrorists wasted their time – all they did was to kill a few innocent people and injure others. While that doesn’t distract from the fact that this is a tragedy for the family and friends of the victims, this isn’t some kind of major wound in our side – ’tis but a scratch. We’ve had the IRA cut holes in our town centres. We’ve had the Blitz during WW2, which was like the events of yesterday but every day for several weeks. All that the terrorists have done is made more people hate them, and, if they are indeed suicide bomb attacks, lost some of their ranks. I dare say that they may even have alienated some of the more extreme members of the Islamic faith, as a number of muslims were among the victims yesterday. And notice how many muslim organisations denounced the attacks – surely if the terrorists felt they were representing the Islamic viewpoint there would not have been the widespread condemnation that we have seen.
All in all, it was a waste of everyone’s time – both the terrorists and those of the general public and emergency services, who were both utterly brilliant yesterday and played no small part in keeping the death toll as low as it was. Considering three of these bombs went off underground in train tunnels it is almost a miracle that there weren’t more deaths than the quoted figures.
Life for Londoners – and indeed the rest of the country – will undoubtedly continue as normal. We survived the Blitz so there’s no question that we can make it through this.
Rich sums up my feelings very well.

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  1. We Remember

    Today there will be a two minute silence to remember those who passed way in the London Bombing.