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FridayQ: Reality

This week it’s all about Reality TV…

Your thoughts on TV reaity shows… love them or loathe them?

Can’t say I’m a big fan – Big Brother is about the only one I’ve ever watched and even then I really haven’t been following this series at all.

Your favorite TV reality show (or the one you are able to tolerate the most).

The aforementioned Big Brother.

Your least favorite TV reality show (or the one you find the stranegst/stupidest).

Difficult, but probably Celebrity Love Island. Having said that though I never watched any of it but the concept just sounds silly.

FQ TV: Invent your own TV reality show. Would you appear on it?

How about Celebrity Bush Poking, where we follow 12 celebrities attempting to poke George W. Bush? Of course, not being a celebrity would make me a little redundant in that sense though…

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