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A free lunch

Some say that there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is. I had two of them today – one was part of my expenses at work and the other was due to a nearby department having spare food.
Of course it would have been better if one of those had been yesterday so that I wouldn’t have had to buy lunch then, instead of having two lunches today. Combining that with a big dinner at my parents house this evening and I’m utterly stuffed.
And yes, I have gone back to York again for the weekend, and yes, it was mostly to use their internet connection seeing as we’re still without one in Bradford. Thankfully the university is being increasingly endowed with Wifi hotspots, including some with plug sockets, so I haven’t been totally disconnected from the ‘Information Superhighway’. Bet that’s a term you’ve not heard in ages.
Tomorrow we’re going to Diggerland near Durham; one of my father’s 60th birthday presents was a free day out there and tomorrow looks like a nice day. I’ll be taking photos, as you’d expect, and I will eventually get around to uploading the photos I took last week in Edinburgh.

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