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The bullet points own you

Since I’m still rather internetless (and likely to be so into next week 🙁 ), this is what I would have posted about over the past few days but condensed into bullet points:

  • The big news of the day is the London Terrorist Attacks, allegedly caused by Al-Quaida. So far there have been over 30 deaths and many more injured. Not good timing, considering that London won the Olympic bid yesterday, but thankfully the death toll hasn’t (so far) been as high as other attacks. The Guardian is logging events as they happen.
  • The general reaction from most people I know has been more of annoyance than fear. It’s not sent people into panic, it’s just disrupted a few meetings. But then we’ve had the IRA bombing our town centres for years and all we’ve done is used it as an excuse for regeneration (taking Manchester as an example).
  • And for the 4 people who have already emailed me: yes, I’m fine, as are my friends and family. My thoughts are with those that have not been so lucky today.
  • Anil Dash: Don’t Be A Bad Pitcher! I’m starting to get a few emails like this and Anil took the words out of my mouth. Also see this hilarious follow-up.
  • In Europe, The European Parliament have rejected the Software Patents Bill by a landslide. Here’s some interesting analysis of it.
  • Gizmo looks interesting – it’s very much like Skype but uses the open SIP standard instead of Skype’s proprietary protocols, so that other applications can work with it (like Trillian). For Windows, Mac and Linux, but no Pocket PC version yet.
  • President Bush’s comments about corrupt African leaders amused me – “We’ll give aid, absolutely; we’ll cancel debt, you bet — but we want to make sure that the governments invest in their people; invest in the health of their people, the education of their people; and fight corruption,”. Yes, Mr Bush.
  • Movable Type 3.2 is coming and Six Apart are writing about a new feature each day until the release. Looks like a very worthwhile upgrade already.
  • Test builds of Firefox 1.0.5 are out; 1.0.5 will be a minor release to correct some security problems. There’s also news on the IDN front; Mozilla seems to be following Opera’s lead here.
  • The problems my parents were having with their NTL internet connection last week seem to have been caused by the set-top box and weren’t the fault of NTL itself. But then we’ve had the same set-top box since 1999 (and it’s been turned on constantly for most of the past 6 years) so it’s probably no wonder; in any case, it’s now been replaced with a newer model that works. Meanwhile it’s likely that NTL and Telewest will announce a merger this month. About time.
  • There’s an update to XP’s File and Settings Transfer Wizard to allow settings to be transferred from 32-bit to 64-bit versions of Windows XP. If you buy a new computer with Windows XP 64-bit then this may be useful; the wizard makes moving to a new computer much easier and is often overlooked.

That’s all for now. See you soon.

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  1. This is like 10 different Smaller World installments.
    As for the bombings, it is very upsetting, but perhaps we should think of the 30k kids dieing in Africa daily…