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Move move move any mountain

Tomorrow is the day I move house, so I’ll be spending tonight doing the last of my packing (clothes, kitchen stuff etc.). I am looking forward to moving in though – the house is much better than this one and I’ll have a bigger room.
Like my current place, the house is on ADSL, which means I’ll have to call PlusNet and tell them to uncancel my account with them and then have it transferred. The house is currently on Tiscali but the person who pays the bill will be moving out in September so it’s probably best that I take it over, and according to ADSLGuide PlusNet rank much higher than Tiscali for, um, everything.
Since this year we’ve been using a spare computer as a gateway (which wasn’t mine), and the new house only has one USB ADSL modem (after a previous occupant took the gateway router with them), I’ve needed to buy a new router. I’ve settled on the Netgear DG834G, due to good reviews. As well as offering ADSL routing it also acts as a 4-port network hub and a 802.11g wireless access point, so I’ll be able to use my laptop anywhere in the house. Not that the house is particularly big or anything, but still, it gives me that bit of extra freedom and it’s only another £20 over an equivalent box without Wifi. The box also has firewall capabilities and supports UPnP.
Actually getting the box delivered has been a bit of a challenge due to a couple of problems with – I was going to write a big ranting entry about it but I don’t think it would be entirely fair on them – but it should be here tomorrow, which isn’t too bad considering I ordered it yesterday.


  1. You need to watch things like change of ownership of the line – that would need to be done before your ADSL is transferred, or its likely to be automatically ceased.

  2. I bought a DG834 (the non-wireless version, since I already have a wireless access point) last fortnight for use when I decided to move to PlusNet. It’s been performing very well so far, and has some great uptime, although with any bittorrent downloads, it starts to go a little slow, but barely anything noticable. And its really easy to set up too!

  3. At least you didn’t order it from ebuyer, Neil 😉
    Then you’d be screwed!

  4. I don’t have any fancy gateway, just a cheap eBuyer Conexant.
    eBuyer are bad, but cheap! They never deliver but it’s cheap!

  5. I have been using ebuyer for over 4 years now and I have never had a problem with them and incidentally I bought the same DG834 (the non-wireless version) from them over a year ago and not only did it arrive on time, but it has worked very well for me.
    So yea to DG834 !

  6. Not often you see shamen references in a blog. Bang bang bang to the beat of the drum.

  7. MRK: Glad someone noticed the reference 🙂 . I actually quite like The Shamen – I have a few of their songs.

  8. thats the router i beta tested for netgear – I like it a lot although I think the linksys one is better if you like to hack around with your router. make sure you upgrade the firmware though. Plusnet are very good in my experience and I also agree on staying away from ebuyer.