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iTunes Hidden Phone Dialog

Yesterday I mentioned that iTunes had a hidden dialog for managing a connection to a compatible phone, and Engadget has a screenshot from the Mac OS X version.
iTunes Phone Options
This is a screenshot for the Windows version. To view it for yourself, first download Resource Hacker, a freeware tool that lets you view (and modify) resources in executable files and libraries. Then, open the file C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\en.lproj\iTunesLocalized.dll in Resource Hacker, and expand the Dialog tree item, then choose PHONEPREFSPAGE.
If I understand it correctly, this should display as an additional tab in the iTunes Preferences dialog.


  1. Hmmm more iPod/iTunes news that I find hard to get excited about…

  2. My nipples are exploding with pleasure!

  3. I have no use for this (lol!).