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Missing manuals

If you’re a product manufacturer, then make sure you put your product manuals on your web site, either in HTML or PDF form. One For All, who make replacement and 2/3/4/5-in-one remotes, do that, which was great when I had to reprogram ours today and had lost the original manual and box that came with it.
Since I’m moving house on Thursday, I’ve started packing and tidying up today. One of my other housemates moved out this morning, with the other off tomorrow, so I’ve had a bit more space to put things. Also, with less junk around, it’s been much easier to get a vacuum cleaner around and do some general cleaning, so that the next tenants of the house won’t have the same problems that we had.


  1. We’ve just bought one of the Kameleon 4 in 1 jobbies. Works great apart from a small problem with the macro function. We want to program one button to turn everything on and off, but unfortunately when I program the ‘turning on’ of the TV, the actual command it transmits to the TV isn’t long enough for the telly to kick in. The macro step duration isn’t long enough, so the standby light flashes on the TV, but doesn’t transmit for long enough for it to turn the telly on. Bit of a problem so gonna send ’em an e-mail for help see if there’s any way round it. It’s a panasonic widescreen TV btw if anyone can assist.

  2. It is fustrating when you do lose/don’t have a manual and need one.
    My prehistoric TWAIN scanner for example needed a little bit of configuring, but I didn’t have the manual, nor did the scanner have the model number on. So I ended up just trying to follow generic instructions.
    Another thing is that smaller brands often don’t produce printed manuals.
    I think for manuals PDF should be used due to their good search facility and the compression.