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FridayQ: Home

Since Bloglines is currently down for maintenance, I’ll do today’s FridayQ a bit earlier than usual. I’m doing this about York, which is my home town, but could probably do Bradford as well at a later date if I have time.

FQ1: What is the “claim to fame” of your home town… what is it famous for?

York is old – very old. It was founded in AD 71 and is full of history. I could go into lots of detail but I only have a few minutes…

FQ2: Does your home town host any annual gatherings, festivals, or events?

Yep, lots. Some of the bigger ones are the York Festival of Food and Drink in the autumn, the St. Nicholas Fair in the run-up to Christmas, the Northern Motorcaravan show, again in the autumn and the Jorvik Viking Festival in the spring. But there’s loads of other smaller festivals throughout the year.

FQ3: What’s something about your home town that is NOT so great?

York is very expensive, which, when you’re a student, isn’t so great. Living in Bradford for 3 years gets you used to everything being cheap so it’s sometimes a shock to go elsewhere and have to pay more for everything. Getting a house is especially pricy.

FQ ARCHITECT: Invent a new attraction to bring even more fame and fortune to your home town.

While it would probably send York very downmarket, we could have a Viking Themepark – Jorvikworld, or something. There could be a log flume in the style of a Viking longboat, and children could learn how to pillage and plunder, for example.

One Comment

  1. I would so visit JorvikWorld!
    They need to build a roller coaster on top of York Minster. Now THAT would be an attraction!