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Today we had an email from ome of the staff members at the general office about the publishing of our degree results. I knew already that there would be no way that they would be available before the meeting of the Board of Examiners on the 8th July (12 days before graduation) but now it turns out that the letters make take up to 10 working days. Including the two weekends, this means that the letters would not arrive until the 22nd July – 2 days after graduation. This could mean myself and other people on my course turning up to the graduation ceremony not knowing what degrees we’ll be getting, if any.
Hopefully a more amicable compromise will be found – with a bit of luck, we’ll be able to collect our results in person. But considering that just about everyone else I know at other universities now know their results it does take the mickey.


  1. I am gobsmacked at that one! I’m not sure what I would have done if this had happened to me when I was an undergrad….. perhaps been aggressive with someone?
    Good luck all the same!

  2. Our department has a meeting with the exam board on July 6th, so it’s quite likely our results will arrive as late as yours.
    Since I’m planning on being out of the country until August I’m not terribly bothered, but it certainly isn’t good for the rest of you who are planning on going to the graduation ceremonies.

  3. Certainly at Stirling the results appeared ‘provisionally’ in the department on the 9th/10th June, we don’t find out officially until either tomorrow or Friday, and our graduation is thankfully after that.
    Wouldn’t it occur to them to perhaps email them? Presumably students still have access to a campus-based email address…

  4. This really sums up this university! Most university graduates have got their results by now, ours, nope. I knew the examiners was around early July, but I thought the results were out on the 6th.
    I was actually talking about this earlier. Saying it’s only two weeks between getting results and graduation. Most people won’t be picking up the results from the campus, and are maybe up to hundreds of miles away.
    One solution. Post them electronically as soon as the final results are known. This wouldn’t be hard. Either a huge list featuring only UBU numbers posted securely behind the university firewalls (access university students only) or per basis email. Either of these would be just fine for the majority of people wanting to know their results.
    Again, it sums up this university. Leaving matters late and handling matters in a pretty farcicle way.
    Oh well. Not long now!

  5. > One solution. Post them electronically as soon as the final results are known.
    Like eVision? 🙂
    I have emailed them, hopefully I’ll get a response today.

  6. Well, if it makes you feel any better, here at Bath we haven’t even finished finals yet, let alone got our results! They put a bit of paper up in the department when the provisional results are out though, so as long as you know SOMEONE near campus you can get them to trot down and check your degree classification before you graduate, but apparently quite a few people have left it as a surprise for the day before!

  7. I have friends who will receive their Bradford results on the 1st July, and they’re not even final years.
    It would seems that while some depts can get their arses in gear, others are just slack.

  8. Meh nothing new then. Can’t remember when we got our results from Bradfd last year when I graduated but it was certainly way before graduation. Well, enough time to go ‘yay’ and then prepare for graduation ceremony and drink lots of beer!
    But anyway seems to be the way things work @ UB, too much red tape and not enough people to process the red tape, if that makes sense… Anyway, enjoy graduation everyone, tis great 🙂