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I don’t go the cinema that often – in fact, last time it was to see Spiderman II – but tonight I went to see Sin City with a friend. It’s been out in the US for some time but only opened here a few weeks ago, but it was worth seeing. Very dark, both in terms of the way the film was shot and the storylines, but enjoyable. And the women in it weren’t bad, either.


  1. I loved it. The visuals were very sweet indeed (like everyone had been raving on about). The story lines we violent, extremely over-the-top but good. The way the interwove the stories was well done. Subtle things such as the sign of “Sin City” being older and broken at the “start” of the movie and new at the “end”.
    I want to go see this again.

  2. Its a quality film! Worth seeing.

  3. Yes indeed extremely violent but nicely substituted with varying colours of blood. Nice bit of yellow… hehe!
    One of the biggest surprises was seeing wee little Frodo lopping off heads… naughty Hobbit!
    Excellent film – 9/10