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York College destruction I If you looked through my York photos that I posted back in March you may remember this one of York College. I noted that the building was about to be demolished in the description.
And, it is. When I went through to yesterday I went past the college on the way back to station (hitching a ride with a friend who I went to college with) and took some photos. It’s strange seeing places that I used to hang out be reduced to a pile of rubble – while most of the classrooms are still standing at the moment the library and cafeteria have been flattened already.
Once the site is cleared a new ‘state of the art learning environment’ is to be built in its place which will see the two college sites (the former York Sixth Form College and York College of Further and Higher Education sites) amalgamated into one site, with the other sold off for a reputed 8-figure sum for a housing development. While I’m glad to see the awful 1960s building bite the dust, it’s also a shame to see the place where I spent a happy 2 years of my life destroyed so brutally.
On the other hand, it’s likely that the halls of residence I was living in last year will be pulled down soon as well.
The photos are somewhat blurred since they were taken while driving past at 30mph and the sky was very dark since it was about to pour down with rain. With thunder and lightning and everything.

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