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It appears that we’re in the middle of a heatwave. Today has been very hot – temperatures in the high twenties and even now at almost midnight it’s still 25 degrees in my room, even with the window wide open. Compare this with the beginning of the week when it was very cold (by June standards).
It’s been nice and sunny today and it should start off that way tomorrow, but unfortunately thunderstorms are forecast for the afternoon. Which is a bit of a shame as I’m intent on popping over to York to do a few odd things back home, now that Royal Ascot has finished. The racecourse lies between the station and my parents’ house and so I was intent on avoiding that general area if I could.
I’d stay the night but alas I’m at work from 9 the following morning here in Bradford. Now that term is over I’ll be working full time (or near enough) for the next few weeks. It should mean I get plenty of money but will also mean I’ll have less time to mope around on the intahweb.


  1. It’s so true what they say about us English people. Complain when it’s cold, wanting hot weather. Then we complain when it’s hot. I hope I don’t complain about either but I’ve definitely heard people moaning it’s too hot!

  2. Oh to have hot days where the temperature is in the high twenties.

  3. It’s great though because you can always start a conversation with an English person by cheerfully complaining about the weather no matter what time of year it is 🙂

  4. To quote a northern comedian:
    “I’m sweating cobs, I mean I like it warm, but I don’t like it this warm. There’s warm and then there’s warm”
    I guess it’s better than that “Fine rain that soaks you right through”.

  5. Why can’t the government pass a law setting legal minimum and maximum temperatures?

  6. …and to further quote Mr Kay (the northern comedian) ‘It’s spittin’! It’s spittin’! Everybody in quick! It’s spittin’!’
    Actually we’ve had some right thunder and lightning here this afternoon so it’s horrible and muggy now… bah! Hehe!
    Us British, we’re never happy 🙂

  7. I feel for your Neil. We (in Southwestern Ontario) just went through one heck of a heatwave. It finally broke last week. Now it feels like fall weather, which I enjoy a substantial amount more.

  8. Wow, high twenties eh? You poor thing 🙂 Today in Phoenix it is expected to reach 110°f (or 43°c for the non-merkans).
    Mind you I did live the first 21 years of my life in good old blighty so I do understand that high twenties *is* a heatwave.