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Beach Party aftermath

I’m nursing a bit of a hangover after the beach party yesterday. It went well – lots of people out who all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the sun did come out eventually (I even have the sunburn to prove it).
As promised, the photos are here, along with general commentary. When I went past the ampitheatre at at about half one this afternoon some people will still lingering from the all-night barbecue.


  1. I watched a little of it via the live feed. Was pretty good quality. Pathetic attempt on the “beach” though.

  2. I was talking to a couple of my friends who were there (one of whom was part of the catering) and apparently Bez from the Happy Mondays was “DJing”. Although it seems that his definition of “DJing mainly involves watching someone else play CDs and swearing about how “f*#king quality” Bradford is, infront of lots of small children, every 10 minutes. I wish I had been there actually.