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FridayQ: Bad

I don’t know whether this is anything to do with the Michael Jackson trial (bear with me here, for some reason I’m awake at 8:30am after a night out and slightly hungover) but today’s FridayQ is about “bad” things.

FQ1: Something you like to do or say that’s considered to be bad.

I do pick my nose from time to time. But I do wash my hands afterwards. And I don’t eat it.

FQ2: Something you like to watch or listen to that’s considered to be bad.

I’m sure Family Guy will be considered evil and corrupt by some people but I just think it’s one of the best things on TV since, well, possibly ever. Sunday’s episode was especially good.

FQ3: Something you like to eat or drink that’s considered to be bad.

I’m trying to avoid it now but I used to drink between 1 and 2 pints of Coca-Cola every day. Coke is laden with sugar (around 9 teaspoons in every can or something silly like that) and that amount of sugar just can’t be healthy for you. I’m now either drinking Diet Coke or something else entirely – thankfully Diet Coke with Lime exists, which is a real incentive to give up “fat” Coke.

FQ ASSOCIATION: Tell us something “bad” you associate with the following ten words:

“Do they know it’s Christmas” by Band Aid 20
Fox News
Anything by Jeffrey Archer
Absinthe. But then you don’t drink it for the taste, I guess.
Discarded takeaway
The minibus that reverses up our street at 8am every morning (hence the whole being awake ridiculously early thing…)
The Bloodhound Gang
Barbara Cartland

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