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Beach Party 2005

Sand delivery Today is the union’s annual beach party – an excuse to get drunk on a manmade beach in the middle of campus while wearing silly summer clothes (or at least, that’s what I’ll be doing). Yesterday I helped set things up and took a few photos, which are up on Flickr already. I’ll be adding the photos I take today to that set over the weekend.
In the meantime, you can watch the BeachCam which updates every 10 seconds, or watch the live streaming camera. Currently everything’s still being set up but it should kick off properly at about 12pm UK time.
I also have a selection of the photos I took last year. This year’s promises to be much bigger than last year, though – we’ve got a stage and everything. And Bez from the Happy Mondays is doing a live DJ set and playing with his new band. And there might be an appearance by Shaun Ryder too.
Also unlike last year, we might actually get some decent sunshine. The weather forecast is quite good today (better than the cold wet drizzle we’ve had all week) and with a bit of luck it’ll be very sunny this afternoon. Yay. 🙂


  1. Annual, yeh right. Only the second one! And the sand at this one looks tiny compared to last year.

  2. No swimming pool this year? I’m watching from the comfort of my work desk in sunny Bolton:P I have to agree with trovster, the sand looks a bit lame. Why is it in individual patches?