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Long Distance Smoking

GNER, the last long distance rail operator to have smoking compartments on its trains, is to go smoke-free from then end of August. Fewer people are lighting up on the trains and more non-smokers are complaining about them, according to the article.
As an asthmatic, I welcome this move. On packed trains often the only seats are in the smoking carriage, meaning you either have to put up with people blowing smoke in your face or stand in the vestibules – either way, it’s not comfortable.
What the article doesn’t say, however, is that GNER would have had to ban smoking on many of its services next year anyway – from Spring 2006, it’ll be illegal to smoke in public places in Scotland and this would include trains. Enforcing a ban on only a bit of the route would be unfeasable so banning it outright is probably for the best, especially if it’s what the majority of their customers want.

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