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Never one to pass off a good meme, here’s one from Blogography called ‘Googlimage’. There are 10 questions, the answers to which you post with images from a Google Image Search for the answer. Here goes…

The place you grew up

York York. Fittingly Google gave me an image of York Minster as the first result which, along with Clifford’s Tower, tend to be the images that people most associate with the city. If I’d used Flickr instead, I’d have got loads of pictures of New York from all the people who tagged their images with “new” and “york” instead of “new york”…

The place you live now

Bradford Bradford. Most of the Google results are either maps are pictures of Bradford-on-Avon which is in Wiltshire. Of those that aren’t most seem to be pictures of buses in Bradford, from Hmmm.

Your name

Neil There’s no pictures of me on a search for ‘neil’ (even though this site ranks highly on a normal Google search for ‘neil’) but there is this one of Neil Fraser who lives in Canada and has one of those funky .name domains.

Your grandmother’s name

Mary My grandmother also doesn’t appear in a search for her name so here’s a picture of an actress called Mary Burt. Whoever she is.

Your favourite food

Pizza I do like a good pizza. Plenty of results for this, as you’d expect – this was one of the better images.

Your favourite drink

Malibu & Coke This will do nothing to underline my heterosexuality but I do like Malibu & Coke – it tastes nice and, if you have several, gets you drunk. However, I didn’t know that it was available premixed in a can, as this image shows.

Your favourite song

Mr Brightside Right now it’s Mr Brightside by The Killers. Searching for this turns up a load of singles covers but this image stood out.

Your favourite smell

Fresh Coffee Fresh coffee. I walk past a coffee bar on the way to work in the mornings and the smell is very invigorating – just what you need at 9am.

Your favourite shoes

Timberland I don’t really have a favourite pair but I do wear a smart-ish pair of Timberland trainers quite a lot. They’re the same colour as these but more like trainers than boots.

Your favourite number

69 69. Dunno why, just sounds cool, although it might have something to do with Wayne’s World. For some reason ’69’ gives me a women cutting a coconut so here you go.


  1. Searching for “Neil Turner”, I managed to come up with this image from SETI@Home in the first page of results. 😀

  2. Sure you don’t mean Bill and Ted rather than Wayne’s World?

    [Bill and Ted meet themselves]
    Ted: OK wait. If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of?
    Bill, Ted: 69, dudes.
    Bill, Ted: Whoa.
    [quadruple air guitar solo]

  3. I must say, very nice presentation. Very easy to read. 🙂
    *clap clap clap*

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