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Plugging into Flickr

I’ve installed the FlickrPublicPhotos which, despite doing the seemingly rudimentary task of just displaying the most recent images a particular user has posted to Flickr, is what I’ve been looking for for a while now. It replaces a bit of JavaScript that Flickr offers, so it means that if you browse with JavaScript disabled the images will now display. I’m also now displaying 3 images instead of just the one, and have changed the display a little.


  1. It’s always seemed slightly odd to use an MT plugin for something like Flickr, because posting a new photo to Flickr does not trigger a rebuild of MT — it’s only when you post something new to your blog that the new[est] images will appear in your sidebar.
    [I’d recommend using *ahem* my PHP-based script instead, plug plug ;)]

  2. Thank you for using my plugin, Neil.
    David, Flickr’s RSS only shows 10 photos. So, I guess it is not suitable to view much more (or random) photos.

  3. That’s true (o), sorry, I wasn’t implying that the plugin isn’t without its advantages. 🙂